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The MyFeature App brings the dream to you – whoever and wherever you are. It’s the ultimate destination for overcoming all obstacles stopping you from a fabulous career in the entertainment field and provides the complete solution of resources to make it happen. It’s Home Advisor and Tinder for Show Business!

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MyFeature is a worldwide, go-to social media and entertainment app, empowering you with the tools to learn practical skills unique to Hollywood, guiding you through the muddy process of succeeding in entertainment with professionals who know how it’s done. Want to know how? WATCH BELOW:

MyFeature is where your dream begins, no matter what your dreams are, creating a personal game plan to get you there, featuring exclusive content combined with an exhaustive and constantly updating database of industry players and partnerships – bringing Hollywood to you, wherever you are.





And you don’t have to be pursuing a career in entertainment to need what the MyFeature app has to offer: The skills, expertise and knowledge traditionally employed in the entertainment industry are now more critical than ever to anyone in any business.

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