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Looking for acting jobs? Ones you are excited about? Casting frontier has been around for years, in the past they were recommended by some agents, but not mandatory as one of the casting sites you had to be on to be a working actor in LA.

However, in the past couple of years they have exploded on the scene with high profile commercials and feature film castings, ranking Casting Frontier as one of the top 3 sites you must get on if you want to compete at a high level in the entertainment business!

And if you are an actor, model or voice over artist who doesn’t live in Los Angeles, you are still in luck! Casting Frontier has audition listings in 15 other major cities.

After solidly scoping out the site, our staff was pretty pleased with what we found.

With a premium membership (which is probably a lot less than your Starbucks budget)

you can upload unlimited photos and videos- making it so easy for your agents, or yourself to submit that perfect photo to get in in the room, to book that job.

Casting Frontier is also doing a lot to set themselves apart from other websites in the industry. They have many casting breakdowns with audition instructions attached, so you don’t need to wait to receive an audition. If you feel you are right for the part, they allow you to respond directly to the casting director by uploading a video immediately.

They also have the option of uploading a selfie so you can show casting your current look and virtual auditions.

Check out their YouTube channel for inspiration

And right now, on their site, you can get a free month of unlimited headshots, videos, role submissions and more!

Join Casting Frontier and take control of your acting career!

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