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Take control of your Acting Career! A refreshing new take on Workshops for Actors!

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In the mid 2000s Casting Director workshops were all the rage- pay the fee, rub shoulders with a casting director and hope to get called into their office, book a big gig and ride off into the sunset. However, things didn’t usually turn out that way…

While some actors had some success and booked jobs, the majority kept playing the game, hoping for that winning lottery ticket. In 2017 the controversy around these “pay-to-play” opportunities forced the majority of them to close up shop.

Out of all the chaos was born a new type of workshops for actors.  Putting the power in their hands to have more control over their career. And a more enjoyable experience. Thanks to Space Station Artists Initiative (SSAI).

See Deadline article below for more information:

How One Undercover Actor Helped Bust Open L.A. Casting Workshop Probe

This had many actors begging the question, were they all scams? How can I meet casting directors now? And why is Hollywood so complicated?

The Space Station Artists Initiative is held at Space Station Studios, a popular casting facility in Los Angeles, CA.

Space Station studios is run by Sherrie Henderson of Dream Big Casting. As soon as you walk into the casting facility you can sense that this is a place that has love and a deep appreciation for actors.  The walls are covered in motivational quotes and the energy is electric.

Every week at Space Station Artists Initiative, you can sign up for a unique workshop, taught by an industry professional. No longer leaving the fate of your artistic calling in the hands of someone else. At SSAI they want artists to learn how to do things on their own- and become empowered.

And there are a lot of classes to choose from! From an extensive Voice Over Acting class to DIY producing, Networking, even Writing for Television, they have got the bases covered! Also with extremely affordable prices, ranging from $40-60, these workshops are priced on the low end of most of Casting Director workshops in Hollywood.

The Space Station Artist’s Initiative Mission:

Our mission is to provide an all-encompassing education for the artists in our community. We deliver unique and diverse seminars, classes, and intensives for all ages and experience levels. Our priority is to remain affordable, practical, and inspiring.

 At the Artist’s Initiative we bring diverse and unique classes to artists across the entertainment industry. All of our intensives and mastic to festivals? Our Pilot Presentation Package is perfect for you.
We also provide unique commercial audition classes, great guest acting teachers, and much more! Our classes are taught by current working professionals and are specifically focused.

From the SSAI Website:

SSAI wants actors to know that maybe their level of success isn’t matching their level of talent because talent and performance are only a small part of the pie that make up a successful career in entertainment.

So learn more about how to create amazing opportunities for yourself! Check them out below!

Address: 950 N Cahuenga Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90038

Phone: (323) 962-4400

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