ACTORS! ‘Stop Overthinking, Just Do it!’

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Solid advice for anyone, but especially in the business of acting, Anthony Meindl’s unique way of working with actors, melds spirituality with truth and voila- magic happens.

Are you tired of the same old acting classes where you have to drum up old memories of that breakup that destroyed you in order to access your emotions? Or maybe you don’t even have a heart wrenching loss to relate to and you ask yourself, “How will I ever learn to act if I’ve never experienced (fill in the blank) before?!”

Welcome to Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop.  The non-method way of acting.

Anthony’s philosophy on acting is straightforward. He wants you to listen, react, feel your feelings (isn’t that why you became an actor in the first place?), let go, let the moment tell you what it wants, let it move through you, have more fun and give zero fucks.

What’s even more exciting is you can get a taste of his teaching even if you don’t live in Los Angeles! Starting with one studio in Los Angeles, AMAW has now expanded to helping actors all over the world.  They now have locations in New York, Vancouver, Sydney, Atlanta, Toronto, Santa Fe and Chicago.

Anthony has worked with an impressive variety of actors, including Shailene Woodley (Big Little Lies), Ashley Green (Twilight) Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl),the late Cory Monteith (Glee) and many more.

AMAW offers Introductory classes, On Camera, Voice, Movement and Dance, Business of Acting, Breathwork and Meditation and so much more!

Contact their many locations HERE:

The Google Reviews agree!

Whitney Tara Martin


This place is my creative home! I love the way that the studio is designed to hold space for you while you work on a scene and work on YOURSELF through that text. I’ve found out things about myself that were once dormant and entirely subconscious. My work has gotten immensely stronger, and my trust in myself to be fully open and present in the audition room and on set/on stage is incredible. Do yourself and your craft a favor

If this is the sign you have been looking for, audit a class for free and start expressing yourself!

Also check out all of  Tony’s other creative projects!

Best-selling books about creativity and acting:




And even more!



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