Self-Tapes that POP! On 4k at Creation Station Studios

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Every actor needs the proper toolkit to succeed in show business and in today’s electronic environment, that includes a resume – but not just on paper. Actors and Voice-Over artists need great video samples of their work and abilities in order to effectively impress casting directors, producers, directors and writers.

But buying or renting cameras, sound equipment, lighting and editing software – not to mention learning how to use it – is expensive and most of the time, takes more than just yourself to operate.

What to do on a budget? Who’s on a budget? Well, who isn’t?

Enter The Creation Station Studios:

The Creation Station Studios, with several locations in the Los Angeles area, bills itself as a comfortable and creative environment for actors/actresses of all levels to record their self tapes auditions in 4K.

You can also record voice-over auditions, get private coaching and/or prepare for live auditions, run lines record scenes, vlogs, enroll in acting classes, record scenes for your reel(s), purchase editing services, and Much more!

The Creation Station Studios were founded and are owned, and staffed by experienced actors, who have developed a fine tuned understanding of the importance of delivering memorable self tape video auditions.

They have a regular clientele of actors/entertainers from TOP talent agencies such as CAA, UTA, Ether Talent, Abrams, CESD, APA, Hervey Grimes, Aqua Talent, Aqua, Innovative, Osbrink, Paradigm, Gersh, AEFH, KMR, and many many more!

From The Creation Station Studios website:

Our founders have twenty years of experience in the entertainment industry and have a fine tuned understanding of what producers, writers, directors, casting directors, agents, managers, and other industry professionals expect, and we regularly assist actors with booking work of all calibers: series regular, leads, costar, recurring, guest stars, you name it!

4We pride ourselves on providing a easy to use, creative, professional, and productive environment for entertainers to have fun and grow. Our facilities are perfect locations for actors/actresses, comedians, and entertainers of all levels to record their self tape video auditions, voice over auditions, monologues, vlogs, receive coaching, prepare for auditions, hone their skills, run lines, utilize our editing services, and much more! All self tapes and voice-over recordings are professionally recorded, edited, rendered, and transferred (always the same day!).

  • We record in 4K!
  • ALL self tapes and voice overs are recorded with production grade cameras and using prime (red) lenses!
  • Save money & time, and get 5 extra self tape or voice over minutes, a coaching, a rush edit, and reschedule a session or change locations with our PRO Membership
  • Get all of your self tape studio time! What you book/reserve , is what you get!
  • Self tape and/or voice-over files are always delivered to you the same day!
  •  We provide professional recording of self tapes, voice-overs, and more: All sessions are professionally lit, recorded, color correcting, edited!
  • Top casting directors, producers, agents, managers, studios, networks, and entertainers love us, and Our Self Tapes often BOOK!
  • Earn Piiggy Bank Rewards Points on every $dollar$ you spend AND when you refer a friend.
  • We offer various different Discounts/Deals!
  • Our locations have 24/7 on-sight security & surveillance for complete peace of mind!

In a nutshell: Research below by staff:

The Creation Studios

[email protected]


West Hollywood, North Hollywood, Santa Monica

-Shoots in 4 K

-They employ actors


-Self Tapes


-Online video rehearsals

-Voice over audition recording

-Web /Software /App Development

-Castings (All they have listed at this moment is a job listing for their company)

-Acting classes $200/month

-Sort of a social media hub / yelp

Actor Organizer

-Influencer Content, Commercials

create a digital portfolio


-$7-/10 booking fee

$1-2/minute, 15 minute minimum



Networking for actors, producers and directors

Piiggy Bank Labs

Creating/developing/launching/scaling businesses, products, services, and software worldwide!

Creative Geniusess

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