AWhole Productions offering Free Acting Workshops – and a lot of laughs!!

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You’d think with a name like A-Whole, this band of actors, writers, teachers and performers would be a big laugh… and they are!

If you need proof, all of their ongoing sketch comedy series , commercial content for businesses and blogs are currently located on YouTube HERE:

But they are much more than just a production company – AWhole offers classes, collaborations on projects, distribution opportunities and much more.

Plus – if you’re an Actor looking for a New and Fun way to approach your scene study in 2020 – check out what they are doing for FREE!

From their website:

Every business has a story. Having new creative ways to reach your market online will help your business standout from the masses.  Collaborate with us to create online content for all your business needs. Contact us today!

Come play and be an A. Whole Today! A creative group of Hollywood Actors who Entertain the World through our Films and Skits. We supply free knowledge to save you time and energy on your path to becoming a full time working actor.

A playground for ACTORS. Free tools, tips (and tater tots on Fridays). Stop waiting. Start creating. Arts & EntertainmentArt Space RentalsVideo/Film Production

They are located at 7551 Melrose Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90046 and also offer 

Commercial Business: A. Whole Productions creates online content for all you commercial needs.

The Galanis’ is a sketch comedy series created by A. Whole Productions to promote Galanis Plastic Surgery in Beverly Hills

Web series “Struggling’, follows Brent Harvey’s journey in Hollywood while showcasing over 100 unknown rising actors in the Los Angeles Community. Shot on an Iphone 7.


A dramatic parody series based on the styles of current popular television programs that introduces rising actor, Joanna Bronson, and her colleagues to the gatekeepers…

Follow the Team:

Brent Harvey


Joanna Bronson


Layne Wilson


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