Baby Abandoned in The Freezing Cold, until Maternal Instincts Kick in for this Cat!

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As a mother of three, I can’t imagine anyone abandoning their newborn baby, especially in freezing cold temperatures. There are really a lot of good alternatives and solutions to help new mothers these days including adoption agencies, even in Russia. Agencies that actually allow mothers to safely relinquish their rights at certain designated locations like hospitals.

However, even with all the various programs and adoption agencies available some mothers still abandon their babies out of fear or their inability to care for these newborn infants.

Sometimes these little newborn babies are found outside, even in very cold temperatures. When that happens, often times for those females who find these abandoned infants, their maternal instincts kick in. But what if the female to find the newborn was not a human, but a cat?  What then?

Masha is a fierce, outdoor, long-haired tabby that is cared for by residents in an Obninsk, Russia neighborhood.

One day she was just going about her own business, when she came across a cardboard box.

Naturally curious, Masha checked inside the box and found a newborn baby boy. Instantly, her maternal instincts kicked in. She knew that the baby boy was in danger. She immediately wrapped her warm and fluffy body around the unprotected newborn baby boy.

Then, Masha set her vocal cords to loud and hoped she’d draw one of her caregivers’ attention.

Resident Irina Lavrova heard the meows and recognized the voice. She thought it was odd that the friendly communal cat wasn’t coming out to greet her.

Concerned that Masha had injured herself and needed help, Lavrova followed the urgent calls.

When Lavrova found the box, she realized the Masha’s meows were coming from inside. She looked inside the box, but she wasn’t expecting to find the cat with a new born baby.

Lavrova knew that baby had been abandoned because he was accompanied by diapers and a few jars of food. However, the good news was the baby appeared to be in good shape and well dressed.

As the baby was taken to the hospital to be givne a clean bill of health, the little tabby cat, Masha tried to follow.

Masha, the cat, waited hours for the newborn baby boy to return.

Since that event, Masha the little tabby cat, has been called a ‘hero’ by many in the community. She’s getting her favorite treats and food these days from various strangers in the neighborhood.

Clearly this tabby cat, Masha had her mothering instincts kick in. This cat just wanted to protect this child or baby.

Often times, we might hear of other similar heart-warming stories where a cat adopts a puppy, or a squirrel or even a chick.

In fact, if her own kitten was removed, this cat’s maternal instincts would have been frustrated. She would have been looking for her lost kittens, heartbroken and crying for them to come to her. It seems even cats with excessive maternal instincts tend to adopt or foster other newborns because their maternal instincts go into overdrive. Thank goodness for Masha’s maternal instincts that provided warmth and protection for this newborn baby boy.



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