The Most Drastic Makeovers of 2017….From Kate Hudson to Kim K!

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Ever have a makeover? You know…make a radical change in your appearance that most people couldn’t even recognize you. I’m not just talking a clothing style change, but a whole new makeover with hair and makeup.

Thanks to new hair extensions, wigs or even bleach, many people can redo their look pretty cheap. However, I’m not talking about the inexpensive makeovers that you and I make, but the huge changes that some celebrities have made that require much time in a salon and are major changes.

From pink bangs to pixie cuts, some of these celebrities made MAJOR changes in 2017.  But don’t take my word. See for yourself. Here are just a few of the dramatic beauty transformations of celebrities in 2017.

First, there was singer Katy Perry. You remember Katy Perry and ‘ROAR’ right? Well it looks like that roar set off a new trend for her.

Of course, this was one of her earlier shots with dark, long wavy hair – just gorgeous.

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But Katy took that look to a more bleach blonde and shorter blunt cut look and almost a bob.

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But it turns out that wasn’t as severe as her latest look. Which is REALLY short…And I do mean short.

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That’s right! I guess if you’re Katy, you can have access to any top colorist and stylist that will change your look to anything you wish…including a buzz cut.

It seems after Katy did all that bleaching to become blonde, her hair started to fall out. That forced her to get a pixie cut. It’s a short crop to say the least.

As Katy says,

‘Everything is more fun with short hair! I can just get up and go. I feel so liberated with this hair now,’ she told W magazine months after taking the initial plunge.

Good for you!

Singer-songwriter Katy Perry is dating British actor Orlando Bloom, star of Lord of the Rings these days. Perry of course dated singer John Mayer before calling it quits back in 2015 and moving on to Bloom. Before that Perry was married to actor and comedian Russell Brand for a couple years.

Now, let’s move on to another major makeover shall we? How about daughter of Goldie Hawn, actress Kate Hudson?

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Nice blonde locks right? Well, it turns out, sometimes Hollywood stars make major changes due to movie roles. That’s what’s happened to Kate Hudson. Check this new makeover out? We’re talking a real BUZZ!

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Now THAT’S short.

Hudson stepped out for the New York City premiere of her new film Marshall with new beau Danny Fujikawa. The 38-year-old actress dazzled in a silver Stella McCartney one-shoulder gown with silver eye makeup to match.

What do you think? Is it amazing or too much?

Kate Hudson needed the new hair transformation for her new film Sister, which singer/songwriter Sia wrote and directed.

So much for all those years of Hudson’s long, golden locks. It’s time for her short buzz look and makeover now.

Finally, did you see the new Kim makeover, as in reality star Kim Kardashian in’Keeping Up With The Kardashians’?

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Yep! You guessed it! Those long dark locks are gone! Well, she does have a new line of KKW Beauty and cosmetics, so maybe she needed to sell more hair products, who knows?! But this chic has gone PLATINUM!

Image result for kim kardashian 2017 hair

Talk about pricey…but with her money she can afford color changes and makeovers multiple times a day. In fact, Kim often switches up her hair with wigs. But this hairdo….is for REAL! Maybe not for too much longer though, so don’t try to keep up with Kardashian on this style….my guess is….you and I don’t have that kind of money nor the time. Evidently, it took her more than 13 hours in the salon to get the icy makeover.

Talk about UNREAL!

Well, whether it Katie, Kate or Kim….here’s wishing you a happy makeover for the new year!


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