In the Never Ending Quest for Perfection, Thighlighting is the Latest Plastic Surgery Trend

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Ladies, wouldn’t we all love to have legs like Jennifer Lopez or Cameron Diaz? Sure. But at what cost and for how much pain? It’s one thing to work out and eat reasonably to have a decent figure, but some people sure are taking it to the next level in the quest for perfection. Celebrities that walk the red carpet in dresses with slits coming up to the top of the leg inspire other women to want to be able to rock that look too.

Plastic surgery used to be reserved for those who actually needed it due to an accident or birth defect. Procedures to help burn victims, repair cleft lips and reconstruct hands were for those who needed them. Of course, these days it is commonplace to go under the knife to look thinner or have a better nose. The first boob job was done in 1895, according to, but it was to correct an imbalance, not just for looks. In 1962, silicone breast implants were introduced and you know the rest of that story.

One area many women struggle with is their legs. Whether they hate their saddle bags or shapeless calves, having legs you aren’t happy with can really put a damper on summer. In 1982, liposuction was approved for use in the the United States. The procedure, which directly removes fat from various areas on the body, was revolutionary. Calf implants have been around since the 1970’s. Leg beauty is something women certainly seek out.

Now there is a new procedure that basically will re-do your legs entirely. Thighlighting is actually a group of procedures that involves thigh lifts, liposuction, slimming down the thighs and even calf implants. It is basically a complete overhaul of your legs, and it is quite painful and invasive. Oh, and expensive. The procedures will cost around $9,000.

All surgeries come with risks. Doing many procedures at once can compound that risk. Whenever someone tells me they are considering an invasive, elective procedure, I can’t help but ask if it is worth even the smallest risk that something terrible could go wrong? For some, however, the risk is worth it. Years of low confidence and feeling bad about yourself can drive you to take those risks, I suppose.

It’s funny how on the one hand we have this movement towards women being more “real” and confident with themselves. There is a backlash against media that don’t embrace what real women look like, and edit their models to have thigh gaps that are basically impossible for most women to ever achieve.

On the other hand we have women who will pay $9,000 to get rid of their insecurities and be one of those unrealistic women.

Like most women, I would love to have legs like a red carpet celebrity, but at what cost? Aren’t there more important things to spend your money on? Personally, I think there are. Then again, it’s a free country and if this brings you happiness, then by all means, go for it!


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