This Holiday Season Save BIG By Getting These Things at Dollar Stores

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The holidays are great, but boy can they be expensive! Even though the economy is roaring along a nice pace with consumer confidence way up, who doesn’t love to save some money? I especially want to save on things that will end up in the garbage by Christmas night.

Dollar stores aren’t just for people who can’t afford to go to regular stores. Research by the NPD Group shows that the number of heads of households that make more than 100k per year and shop at dollar stores has increased substantially in the past couple of years. In addition, about 25% of dollar store purchases were made by millennials making over 100k.  Everyone likes to save money. It’s just smart.

The average consumer will spend $983 this holiday season, up from $929 from last year, according to the American Research Group. Stretching those dollars is hard, but dollar stores can really help. Like most things, you get what you pay for. So I certainly don’t think the dollar store is good for everything. However, between gift giving and holiday hosting, you really can save a ton of money without compromising quality or looking cheap.

Gift Giving:

Sometimes you have those people on your list that you don’t want to break the bank on, but you want them to know you are thinking of them. The dollar store offers great ways to put together thoughtful, yet economical, gifts. Consider buying cute holiday containers and filling with homemade baked goods, or a holiday mug filled with candy. You could pick up a cheap frame to decorate, add a printout of a funny or clever saying and boom! You have a thoughtful gift! The possibilities are endless with a little creativity. You can turn a $1 candle into a really cute gift with a little extra effort and maybe a trip to Pinterest.

Dollar stores are also a great place for stocking stuffers. They often have a lot of quirky, silly things that kids love. The toy aisles are littered with little junk that kids will be thrilled to get. Little kid sunglasses for a dollar?! A package of stick on mustaches?! Sign me up! If you have multiple kids, you can really save a bundle starting at dollar stores for stocking shopping. Of course, they also usually have a great variety of off brand holiday candy that tastes great for half the price!

The best part about shopping at dollar stores for me at Christmas is the bows, ribbons and wrapping paper deals. This stuff is going straight into the garbage 30 seconds after I hand it to the recipient! Why spend more that you have to on that?

For those who are hosting:

If you are hosting Christmas dinner, you know how expensive all the extras can be. The dollar store is a great place for table cloths, extra salt and pepper shakers (I like to have a set within arms reach of all of my guests!), platters, and table decor. And if you want easy clean up and want to serve with disposable cups, plates and utensils, you can’t go wrong with dollar store stuff. Again, it will soon be garbage! Don’t throw away more money than you absolutely have to.

Sometimes you can even find bargains on food for parties at dollar stores. I haven’t done much of this, but salty snacks are one area that you can’t go wrong. Dollar pretzels really don’t taste any different than $4 pretzels. And if you need a cheap bowl to put them in, it’s a dollar too. Sweet!

I like starting my holiday shopping at the dollar store to see what they have. Sure, I am not going to buy many gifts there. Certainly the quality of some items are iffy and it’s better to splurge on the good stuff at a big box store. Still, sometimes I am pleasantly surprised at what I find there!

Think of all the ways you can save all that extra money! Spend your holiday budget on things that matter. Splurge more on the actual gift, less on the wrapping. Pay more for you actual dinner than everything you need to serve it!

Happy shopping!


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