Mom Berated for Bringing Son in the Ladies’ Room at Walmart; How Old is Too Old?

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There are a lot of weirdos out there. We all know that. The most important job a parent can have is protecting your children from those weirdos. You can’t be too safe these days, especially in public bathrooms. The truth is, I don’t even like going in them and I am a grown woman. So I can totally relate to Claudia Munguia, a mom of a 9-year-old boy who was in Walmart and faced a parenting dilemma when her and her son both needed the bathroom.

Munguia says that she did try to use the family bathroom, which was empty, but locked. There were no employees around to open it for her. So what’s a mom to do? She did what every mom I know would do, she took him into the ladies’ room with her. She and her son went in their separate stalls and Munguia told her son to stand outside her stall when he was finished. Standard operating procedure for moms.

She then asked her son through the door “Hey, are you still there?” and a voice that was NOT her son answered “Yes he’s here, but he shouldn’t be.” It was a Walmart employee. So Munguia explained the situation about the locked family restroom and that her son was only 9. But the employee proceeded to tell her she was breaking the rules and that he was not allowed in the restroom. Further, the employee informed her she was traumatizing her child. The employee then proceeded to call for security through her earpiece. The poor little boy, at this point, is getting scared and on the verge of crying and so mom decided it was best to just leave the store.

Frankly, one of the most notorious places to find weirdos is at your local Walmart. I love Walmart, but sorry, it’s true. There are websites dedicated to the “people of Walmart” and you can see for yourself what I’m talking about it. I can’t blame this mom one second for her decision.

Suppose this mother had left her child outside the bathroom to wait for her or sent him into the men’s room alone, and something happened. The comments on all the posts would be “Where  was the mother?!” Yet, here the mother did the only thing she could do, which is keep her son by her side. The fact is, in the court of public opinion, either decision would welcome criticism. So why not err on the side of safety?

Furthermore, if we are going to let gender confused people in the bathrooms without hesitation, why can’t a mother be allowed to bring her young son in there too? Seriously, it’s ridiculous.

Before I had a son, I might have argued the other side of this. But there truly is nothing stronger than the urge for a parent to protect her children. This mother should be applauded for protecting her kid. So many parents out there neglect their children and here this poor woman does the right thing and gets berated! Give me a break!

Leave a comment and let me know what you think – how old it too old for a boy to go in the bathroom with mom?

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