Republican Susan Collins Puts a Stall On Tax Bill Over ObamaCare Mandate

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When are these guys going to learn that ObamaCare will always be detrimental to the American Public because the federal government cannot micromanage?

Senator Susan Collins is worried about the effects of removing the mandate, so she wants a fix for that first.

Then you will need a fix for that, and then a fix for the fix….

If they let me write a new federal bill for healthcare, I would vote against it!

I will say it again, the federal government cannot micromanage.,

Republican Susan Collins Puts a Stall On Tax Bill Over ObamaCare Mandate

Senator Susan said on Sunday that she wants two bipartisan bills ObamaCare bill passed before the senate takes up the repeal of the ObamaCare mandate.

She believes that the repeal of ObamaCare mandate should not be part of the senate tax bill.  The rise of premiums for the repeal of the ObamaCare mandate could be mitigated if the tow other bills are passed.

Those other bills are an ObamaCare stabilization bill from Sens. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and Patty Murray (D-Wash.) that would fund key payments to insurers for two years, and a bill she introduced with Sen. Bill Nelson (D-Fla.) that would provide funding for “reinsurance” programs aimed at bringing down premiums. Reinsurance provides funding to help pay the cost of some especially sick enrollees, allowing insurers to lower premiums.

Collins did not definitively say if she would vote against the tax bill if the two other bills do not pass, but she did say she would like to see them dealt with first.

“I’m worried about the impact on premiums,” Collins said on ABC’s “This Week” during another Sunday interview. “And that’s why we’re going to need to pass legislation. And I would like to see that done before we go to the tax bill.”

That request could be very hard to meet, however, given that Democrats say they will block the Alexander-Murray bill from passing if Republicans keep the mandate repeal in the tax bill.

The Congressional Budget Office has found that if the mandate is repealed, premiums would rise 10 percent.

Collins argues her reinsurance bill would help cancel that out. Other Republicans have criticized reinsurance as just giving more money to insurers.

“I hope [mandate repeal] will be dropped, or that bills that have been introduced by Senators Alexander and Murray and Bill Nelson and myself will be adopted to mitigate the impact of those provisions,” Collins said.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska), another moderate, has also said Alexander-Murray could help ease her concerns about repealing the mandate. But Murkowski has not drawn as strong a line as Collins on the bill. Murkowski said on Friday that “one should not assume this is a precondition for my support for the tax bill.”

Should the senate consider passing two other ObamaCare bills first before passing a bill to repeal the mandate for ObamaCare.  Susan Collins believes that the senate should consider doing it that way first.

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