Joy Behar Claims It’s ‘Very Brave’ To Insult Trump – IMMEDIATELY Gets Shut Down

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Joy Behar, co-host of ‘The View’ wouldn’t know bravery if it slapped her in the face. To call someone brave just because they insult the president is pathetic and sad. Of course, who ever said Joy Behar was a patriot.

Fighting it out on ‘The View’, Joy Behar tries to push that it’s “very brave” to insult Trump. And she would’ve gotten away with it if it hadn’t been for Meghan McCain.

 Behar and co-host Sunny Hostin agree that it’s “very brave,” “great,” and “really brave” that country music starlet Carrie Underwood recently insulted President Trump.

Sunny harks back to 2003 when the Dixie Chicks said that they were ashamed of President Bush, who, being from Texas, was a poor choice of political figures to mock. One, because they were in the country music scene, and two, it’s the President and you’re not being hired for political commentary. Hostin said that they “got a lot of flack for that and they were blacklisted,” despite the fact that several women on the View clearly were outrageously happy at their outburst.

But, Meghan McCain wouldn’t let that conversation go too far, saying that music is a “refuge for conservatives.” Republicans will never get Hollywood celebrity endorsements but you can always count on a country music singer to speak positively about the conservative side of the political spectrum. She mentions Taylor Swift, saying that she “got a lot of heat for not getting involved in the last election.”

 She said it was a bad situation — If you’re “too supportive of Trump, people blacklist you.” And if you say nothing, you’re still blacklisted.
Joy’s response? “All good people” must speak out against Trump. I guess that also means that if you don’t speak against Trump, you’re a terrible person who deserves to have their livelihoods diminished. What was once good table manners — being quiet about politics — is now contributing to the end times.
McCain’s example of Taylor Swift staying quiet is something I often point to — Swift is the top-selling female performing artist for a reason, and one of those reasons is that she sincerely does not want to alienate her fans and she pushes back against the politicization of her work. Recently, one of her attorneys has been sending letters to websites that have been implying that she supports the alt right and white supremacy simply because she refuses to recognize the fact that her face and music often pops up on alt right friendly message boards.
Joy Behar is nothing more than a loud mouth liberal lunatic. Since when is insulting the president brave? I’m sorry, but she must have a pea for a brain! She doesn’t have a clue about bravery! Of course, I highly doubt Behar even celebrates Veterans Day.
Does Behar really want to talk about bravery? Bravery is having soldiers fight for her freedom every day in a foreign country against terrorism and threats like ISIS. Bravery is about soldiers and first responders who risk their lives every day defending her rights so she can have her pathetic show called ‘The View’ in the first place! Bravery is those soldiers and first responders defending her rights and often losing their lives in the process. But Behar wouldnt’ have a clue about those soldiers or the real bravery involved in defending her rights that she takes for granted.
The good news is, if Behar and other liberals don’t like America, they can just leave…it’s a free country!


Then again, maybe Behar would prefer the dictatorship in China under the ‘Fat Boy’. Maybe there she would appreciate what real bravery is! Until then, she should at least have the decency to just respect our military, our veterans and the President – those that defend our nation and our freedom.


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