Actress Roseanne Barr Takes Patriotic Stand To Defend Trump, FIGHTS Commie Rob Reiner [VIDEO]

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I’m not much of a fan of Roseanne Barr or Rob Reiner, but do find this to be entertaining. I also agree that most Americans, at least those paying attention, are probably on the side of Roseanne’s when it comes to the Trump-Russia story. It’s nothing but manufactured BS!

Roseanne Barr is most well-known as the foul-mouthed matriarch of the Conners family from the 90’s sitcom “Roseanne.” She’s recently come back into the spotlight after ABC announced it was reviving the series, and she’s been speaking her mind as usual. And that surprisingly involves some right-wing rhetoric, despite the liberal bias that is rampant in Hollywood.

Wednesday, Roseanne took to Twitter to announce that she had gotten into a spat with director Rob Reiner. The now-deleted series of tweets began with a tweet which read, “I drank too much in NYC and saw Rob Reiner and could not help myself-I went over to him & got into a fight with him over all that Russian BS”. Reiner, who is famous for movies like “The Princess Bride” and “Stand By Me” is an outspoken leftist who opposes Donald Trump. He is also on the advisory board for the Committee to Investigate Russia.

Roseanne said that she tried to confront Reiner, continuing, “I said ‘you’re buying fake news’ he said, ‘I’m not going to listen to this. I’m out of here.’ I said-‘u should politely discuss opinions!’”

She concluded:


Well its ashame someone cant go to dinner without being harassed for their our views huh go figure

polite conversation on the way out of the restaurant was not possible, sadly.

Reiner has yet to respond to Roseanne’s tweets. But anyone who has been following her career shouldn’t be surprised at her stance towards Reiner and Hollywood’s leftists (caution for profanity):

As for Reiner, he hasn’t hesitated to criticize Donald Trump whenever possible. Reiner was in New York City with Woody Harrelson to promote the upcoming film “LBJ” and both had a lot of negative things to say. “Donald Trump is a loathsome individual,” Harrelson said. “In 2002, Jesse Ventura invited me to go to dinner with them in New York. I have never met anyone before or since who was such an utter narcissist. Every word out of his mouth was about himself.”

“It was brutal,” he continued. “I’ve never met a more narcissistic man; talked about himself the whole time. I had to walk out halfway through and smoke a joint just to steel myself for the rest of the night.”

Reiner agreed, also calling Trump a narcissist. “I was with Billy Crystal and we went to Atlantic City for a Mike Tyson fight,” Reiner recalled. “It was at one of the Trump casinos, I think it was Taj Mahal. And we met him during the day before the fight and spent a little time.”

“I work with actors,” said Reiner. “Actors all have big egos; they have big egos for a reason. They are insecure. They wanna be loved. That attention they get from strangers is like a drug, it makes them feel better.

“There’s nobody that I’ve met, there’s no actor that I’ve ever met that could come close to the way that Donald Trump was,” he added. “Every single thing that we talked about was about him, it was all about him. Here he is, he’s got Billy Crystal, he’s got me, he had no interest in what we were, it was all about what he was doing and I’m the best and I thought, Oh my God. This is off-the-charts narcissism.” He then compared Trump to Archie Bunker, a loud-mouthed bigot from Queens — but added that Trump was worse, saying, “That describes our president. But Archie was a better person, because he had empathy.”

Ok which side are YOU on? Rob Reiner’s who is an outspoken leftists on the Committee to investigate Russia and believes Trump and Russia colluded on the election? Or Roseanne’s who thinks the whole Russian investigation is nothing but BS and fake news?


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