JUST IN: Trump PULLS Funding From UN, Redistributes To Those Helping Persecuted Christians!

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Let’s be real, when it comes to distributing aid the United Nations is not the most effective organization in the world. In addition, persecuted Christian groups in the Middle East are not high on the priority list when it comes to the UN. So when Vice President Pence announced that America would no long be supporting the UN when it comes to giving aid to these Christian groups, he received loud cheers.

This surprising announcement was made on Wednesday night when it was confirmed that Donald Trump will be pulling funding from the United Nations that he will use to help Christians who are being persecuted in the Middle East.

Conservative Tribune reported that this was revealed by Vice President Mike Pence while he spoke at the In Defense of Christians’ annual Solidarity Dinner for Christians in the Middle East gala. During his speech, Pence said the Trump administration “will no longer rely” solely on the United Nations to send funds to aids Christians in the Middle East. Barack Obama had relied on the United Nations to disperse over $1 billion in funding meant for humanitarian aid in the Middle East.

“My friends, those days are over,” Pence said, adding that the funding will now go to faith-based organizations to distribute.

We will no longer rely on @UN alone to assist persecuted Christians in the wake of genocide & atrocities of terrorist groups. 


Our fellow Christians and all who are persecuted in the Middle East should not have to rely on multinational institutions when America can help them directly,” Pence said, going on to add that the United States Agency for International Development will administer the relief from now on.

Tonight, it is my privilege to announce President Trump has ordered the State Department to stop funding ineffective relief efforts at the United Nations and from this day forward, America will provide support directly to persecuted communities through USAID,” he said.

“The United States will work hand-in-hand from this day forward with faith-based groups and private organizations to help those who are persecuted for their faith,” Pence said. This is the moment. Now is the time. And America will support these people in their hour of need.”

Carl Anderson, supreme knight of the Knights of Columbus, spoke out to praise Trump for what he is doing.

“The hope this announcement will give to Christians in the Middle East — and the real world impact it will have on the survival of threatened minority communities — cannot be underestimated,” Anderson said.

Republican Rep. Chris Smith said that Christians in the Middle East are in grave danger.

“And the problem has been in the UNHCR and other U.N. agencies have bypassed many, but not all, but many of the Christians who are in desperate need of food, clothing shelter, medicines,” the New Jersey Republican said.

“And, I actually chaired nine congressional hearings, went to Irbil, raised the issue with the people from the United Nations and said, you know you gotta stop this. You gotta—you know the Christians are not going to the UNHCR sponsored camps because the women are at risk and the men are beaten, some are even killed.”

That’s right folks. As a Christian and a woman, I certainly wouldn’t be going to any UN sponsored camp so that I could be eventually raped, beaten or killed. Give me a break!

The UN is an anti-American, anti-Israel organization. Are you seriously going to tell me they would protect these men, women and children from the horrors that are going on in their Christian camps. Trump is right we are so much better off working directly with these faith-based or private organizations to support these persecuted Christians in the first place.

Of course, these Christians wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place if it weren’t for the Obama administration and Hillary Clinton.



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