Michael Moore Hypocritically Blames White Men For Weinstein’s Actions

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Not only is Michael Moore a moron, he’s a supreme hypocrite. Now he’s blaming white men for Harvey Weinstein’s lechery. Understand that like the rest of Hollywood, Moore has known what kind of animal Weinstein is for decades and has never stepped forward to stop it.

But that doesn’t stop Moore from pretending to take the high road and act like he was Weinstein’s enemy and that he is the only one in Hollywood protecting women there. That’s ludicrous and so untrue it doesn’t even bear any resemblance to reality. SMH.

Moore took to Facebook to attack “white male hierarchy” and to righteously claim that everyone bears the responsibility for appeasing his sexual abuses.

No, Michael… that’s on Hollywood and you are a big part of that. He posted a lengthy blurb about sexual harassment and Harvey Weinstein. He’s worked with him in the past.

 “Anyone with a flicker of a conscience or a modicum of decency stands, as I do, with the women who’ve summoned the courage to tell the truth about Harvey Weinstein,” he stated.
Wow!… Moore didn’t even gag on that lie.
“But well-meaning platitudes of support for the abused are simply not enough,” he continued.
You mean, like how you didn’t support the women of Hollywood who were subjected to this? Where were you when Rose McGowan and others were being raped by this pig? You turned a blind eye and a deaf ear on them. You actually turned your back on Weinstein’s victims, you sanctimonious slug.

Moore went on to claim that he had personally seen Weinstein act inappropriately.

“Why do we live in a society where men do not intervene when they witness the mistreatment of women?” he asked.

“I have intervened on more than one occasion and I have fired men who sexually harass women. Harvey Weinstein knew better than to behave inappropriately toward women in my presence. I’m guessing successful sociopaths like him who get away with it for years are very, very careful not to let the kind of men who would stop them dead cold ever get a glimpse of who they really are.”

Another lie, Moore never intervened or even spoke up. He knew exactly who and what Weinstein was. It’s men like him who let Weinstein prey on women.

Moore’s statement does not mention the reports from back in May that his upcoming Trump documentary Fahrenheit 11/9 was acquired by the Weinstein Company. He was one of several notable filmmakers whom The Guardian said did not respond to requests for comment a few days ago about Weinstein.

“I don’t live in Weinstein’s Hollywood world and I make documentaries,” he explained, “so I can’t speak to the culture he created and seemed to thrive in. I AM the only director that I know of who’s actually taken Weinstein to court (for being a thief, which requires a different set of sociopathic skills, but, like sexual harassment, you can probably find them at a few Hollywood studios).”

First off, Moore does live in Weinstein’s world. Weinstein was revered for his power, fame and wealth. Those are the people Moore socializes with. Second, notice how Moore makes it all about him, but he never denounced Weinstein before in public.

“The New York Times investigation into the repugnant and abhorrent behavior of Harvey Weinstein (and the Weinstein Company) is a profound cultural/social/political moment that I believe could actually ignite a historic change in our society,” Moore went on.

“What if we seized this moment and bring down, once and for all, the white male hierarchy which has ruled our way of life in America since the first boatload of religious zealots arrived on Plymouth Rock?”

This has nothing to do with race. It has to do with exploitation and deviance, two subjects Michael Moore can relate to. By getting rid of the ‘white male hierarchy’, you don’t solve the problem. You just shift it to other rotten people who are as perverse as those you replaced. Further, Moore knows this.

“But I want to point out that there is also a fundamental fix that MUST occur in the long run if there is ever to be any real change. We must reform our broken economic system and transform it into one that is equitable and democratic, one where the gap between rich and poor is ELIMINATED so that no longer do a few wealthy men hold the power,” he concluded.

Man, where do I even start on this one. Moore is one of those wealthy men he is speaking against. What he calls for here is outright communism. Hollywood is drowning in money. He’s not referring to his brethren, whom he would keep famous and wealthy. He’s talking about the masses. This is commie Bernie Sanders’ speaking.

This just shows how those in Hollywood are like jackals… they turn on their own to make themselves look good. Michael Moore spoke of Weinstein before. In 2015, he praised him:

Actually Harvey Weinstein is one of the best people to work with in this town.

I’m surprised that Michael Moore has not been struck by lightning yet. Although we don’t need another out of control fire, it would be wonderful to see his lies go up in smoke. What a dirtbag!


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