Most Media Ignored Completely the Election Fraud News That Came Out This Week

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‘Dark money’ is threat to integrity of UK elections, say leading academics

The London School of Economics (LSE) has warned that Britain’s electoral system is most certainly broken at best and at worst, corrupt to the core.

Damian Tambini says in a new report that:

“We don’t have a system that is working any more. In this country, we have had laws to control spending by political campaigns but online campaigning has changed everything and none of the existing laws cover it. The ability to throw around large amounts of cash is almost completely uncontrolled…

There is a real danger that public trust in the democratic process will be lost. There is real potential for foreign influence. We have now the ability to manipulate public opinion on a level we have never seen before. And the current framework is weak and helpless.”

In fact, one of the few news outlets – other than STBuzz and The Guardian even mentioned that a group of leading academics who say uncontrolled “dark money” poses a threat to the fundamental principles of British democracy.

A working group set up by the London School of Economics warns  new technology has disrupted British politics to such an extent that current laws are unable to ensure free and fair election or control the influence of money in politics is gaining.

Yet a month ago, the Guardian’s Robert Booth warned the Electoral Commission had been urged to investigate whether Nigel Farage’s Brexit campaign broke election law by not declaring the role of a firm of “psychographic” social media strategists **also used by Donald Trump.

If that doesn’t sound good to you it’s because it isn’t.

Stephen Kinnock, a pro-remain Labour MP, asked elections and referendums regulators to “investigate whether it breached provisions in the Political Parties Elections and Referendums Act 2000”. We’re holding our collective breath currently.

Stephen Kinnock

“The market rate for a donation of this kind could amount to hundreds of thousands of pounds, based on the previous experience of referendum campaigns and political parties for analytical tools,” Kinnock told Claire Bassett, Electoral Commission chief executive, in a letter seen by the Guardian. “Yet has not declared this donation-in-kind at any point in their returns to the Electoral Commission.”

Tambini added; “There is a real danger we are heading down the US route where whoever spends the most money is most likely to win. That’s why we’ve always controlled spending in this country. But these controls are no longer working.”

Electoral fraud

A dozen police forces are currently investigating Conservative MPs over allegations of electoral fraud relating to the way they declared campaign spending. The party was also recently fined £70,000 by the Electoral Commission for multiple breaches after it found the party failed to accurately report how much it spent on campaigning.

.. to be continued.


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