BOOM! President Trump OBLITERATES Snoop Dogg And His “Failing Career” After Rapper Posts Assassination Music Video

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Oh look…former President Obama’s good friend, Snoop Dogg who smoked a joint inside the White House bathroom during a visit just posted up a music video that depicts the assassination of President Trump.

Well it’s a clown, that clearly is suppose to represent President Trump in the eyes of Snoop Dogg and all his supporters… all 2 of them. Snoop seems to be riding the anti-Trump wave because he could use the free press. His career is just going downhill in these more recent days…most likely because he far too busy, doing nothing.

Now in his most recent, controversial music video he is getting more attention than he had bargained for by far, and not the kind of attention he was hoping for, but should have known was coming.

The video depicts an America populated by clowns, including the President named ‘Ronald Klump’. Unsurprisingly, he looks quite a bit like President Trump. After the clown President says he will ‘deport all dogs’, it shows Snoop shooting the captured President with a toy gun. The video also shows the President chained up.

Two days after the rapper released a clip from his remix ‘Lavender’ that depicts him pointing and then firing a toy gun at a clown who is very clearly made to look like the current commander-in-chief, President Trump is lashing out on Twitter.

…Snoop also seems to have anticipated President Trump’s tweet somehow, particularly the description of his career as ‘failing,’ having posted an Instagram photo just a few hours earlier of himself in front of his trophy case.

President Trump’s tweet on Wednesday came just a few minutes after the video was discussed on his morning show of choice, ‘Fox & Friends.’

Fox News reporter Abby Huntsman criticized the rapper on the program and said that Secret Service was looking into the incident 10 minutes before President Trump wrote on Twitter.

Huntsman called the ‘mock assassination’ a ‘disgusting attack on Donald Trump’ that was ‘sparking nationwide outrage.’


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